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Solution Life is an open-source platform that enables
to create peer-to-peer marketplace and e-commerce applications. Solution Life aims
at building a global sharing economy, allowing buyers and sellers to use
segments of goods and services (car sharing, service missions, home sharing,
etc.) to transact on the open, distributed source web.

Using Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS),
the platform and its participants can interact with the peer-to-peer model,
allowing the creation and placement of services and goods without going through
traditional middle parties.

Solution Life token contract (SLC):
. Solution Life Marketplace Contract v00 – http://etherscan,io/token/slc

• The Solution Life Token (also known as SLC)
is a utility token that serves multiple purposes in ensuring the health and growth of the
network. The ERC20 contract is live on the Ethereum network today at: 0x4d44D6c288b7f32fF676a4b2DAfD625992f8Ffbd

• At a high level, this token is intended to
serve a number of key functions on the platform. First, the SLC is a
multi-purpose incentive token that is intended to drive the behavior of end
users, developers, market operators, and other ecosystem participants.

• Additionally, the SLC is an exchange intermediary
that can be used for payments between buyers and sellers on the platform.
Ultimately, it is intended that SLC will serve a vital part in future network

• Since November 2020, the Solution Life token
has been used to encourage various forms of participation from the platform's
ecosystem participants. Token Solution Life is used to reward users,
developers, marketplace operators and / or other participants for performing
activities and services conducive to Platform development.

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