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SCREATIVES is a Domestic IT consultancy dedicated to help enterprises
achieve profitable growth through eminent IT staffing & top notch IT
Solutions.S Creative Software Services Pvt.Ltd., offers a wide range of
services in IT Industry throughout the Globe. At SCREATIVES, we put
customers at the center of everything we do, and do everything we can to meet
the needs of each one.

Staffing relates
to the recruitment, selection,
development, training and compensation of the managerial personnel. This is the
process of hiring, positioning and overseeing employees in an organisation.
Staffing may be defined as the process of hiring and developing the required
personnel to fill in the various positions in the organization. It involves
estimating the number and type of personnel required.It involves estimating the
number and type of personnel required, recruiting and developing them,
maintaining and improving their competence and performance. Staffing is the
process of identifying, assessing, placing, developing and evaluating
individuals at work.

“It’s a gradually improving
economy…That could be very good for us because it means that we help clients
navigate in this kind of choppy environment, and our ability to provide
workforce solutions and strategic agility becomes extremely or much more
important to them.”

Important Steps involved in the process of
staffing of an organization are:

Manpower Requirements: It involves in creating and evaluating the manpower
inventory and to develop required talents among the employees selected for
promotion advancement.

Recruitment is the process of searching and motivating a large number of
prospective employees for a particular job in an organisation.

Selection: This
is the screening step of staffing in which the solicited applications are
screened out and suitable candidates are appointed as per the requirements.

Placement and
orientation: Placement involves putting the selected man at the right place
considering his aptitude and ability and orientation involves introducing the
newly selected employee i.e. to various facets of the company his job, other
jobs, nature of products, policies, rules and existing employees etc.

Our consultants deliver value according to each
customer's requirement in HR, IT services and budget by combining insight,
innovation and talent of our domestic workforce. We do this through passion for
delivery which equals our passion for technology. When you hire S creatives,
our domestic community of experts collaborates around the clock to bring the
best ideas forward-we're always on and working, for you.

Mission:To bring value to our employees, our
stakeholders, and to the Domestic business community by delivering advanced
technology solutions that enable our clients and trading partners to
operate, inter-operate and compete more effectively.

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