Easy way to show total number of Posts in WordPress website

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Do you ever wanted to show the total number of Posts in WordPress Website?We will discuss about showing total number of posts but except specific category.Exhibit total number of articles may help you to illustrate the flexibility of your blog and inspires users to view for more content.

Method 1: Show Total Number of Posts in WordPress via Plugin

  • This is the simplest method and it is recommended for all the users.

  • Firstly you can install and activate the Simple Blog Stats plugin.

  • Then you visit Settings » Simple Blog Stats to configure plugin settings.

  • Show these stats using shortcodes anywhere on your WordPress site


  • Then copy the [sbs_posts] shortcode and add it to any WordPress post, page, or shortcode enabled sidebar widget.

  • Use [sbs_blog_stats] which will show all blog stats including the total number of post.

Method 2. Manually Show Total Number of Posts in WordPress

In this method you need to add code to your WordPress site.Take a look at our guide guide on how to copy and paste code in WordPress.

Firstly you can add this code to your theme's function.php file or a site-specific plugin.

function wpb_total_posts() {

$total = wp_count_posts()->publish;

echo ‘Total Posts: ‘ . $total;


Then you add <?php wpb_total_posts(); ?> in your theme files.

Use a shortcode


function wpb_total_posts() {

$total = wp_count_posts()->publish;

return $total;



You can use the shortcode [total_posts] for displaying total number of posts in any posts or sidebar widgets.

We hope that this article completely guide you in displaying number of posts on wordpress site. As the above two methods are quite easy to fix your issues.

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