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boxes, also known as brown boxes, are widely used for shipping purposes, especially
when the products being shipped are fragile. These boxes are much more durable
than regular cardboard boxes, which alleviates a customer’s worry that their
goods will be damaged in transit.

Corrugated boxes are commonly used in the food industry due to
the box’s high quality and safety. These boxes are eco-friendly and decompose
on disposal. They are usually made from fibrous pulp extracted from pine trees.
If you are looking for cheaper options to ship your goods, corrugated boxes are
your best bet, as they are made from recycled cardboard boxes. This is both
cost effective and environment friendly.

Corrugated boxes can be easily stacked and can sustain high degrees of
pressure. They are designed to be strong and highly durable. They are made from
corrugated fibre boards or corrugated paper which contains air within its
columns. The columns make the paper stiffer than normal cardboard and the air
acts as a cushion. Packaging engineers work to meet the performance
requirements of a box. Corrugated boxes are designed in such a way to meet the
physical, processing and end-user.

Popular for their strength,
durability, lightness, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, corrugated boxes
are used for the shipping of a variety of items.

More than 95% of all products
in the United States are shipped in corrugated boxes.

If you are looking for printed corrugated
, you won’t have to look far as there are many retail stores,
online, dedicated to the trade of corrugated boxes. Printed corrugated boxes
are simply corrugated boxes which have unique styles printed on their cover. It
is basically a means of identifying the product or goods being shipped. It can
also be used to represent the organisation or company it is being shipped from.
Many retailers have their name or brand printed on the boxes, and
specifications of the contents within the box, to make delivery easier and more

There are many retailers out there professing to be the best, however consumers
should be careful while selecting their suppliers. Some of the better
manufacturers have high technical know-how and years of experience in paper and
board making.

Some of the common uses
of Corrugated boxes are
as follows:

Corrugated boxes are used frequently as shipping containers.
These boxes have to withstand wear and tear from manufacturing, to sale, and
sometimes end-use. Boxes provide some measure of product protection by
themselves but often require inner components such as cushioning, bracing and
blocking to help protect fragile contents. The shipping hazards depend largely
upon the particular logistics system being employed.

Another important use of corrugated boxes is to provide product
safety and adequate strength for stacking in warehouses. Many packaging
engineers make it a point to visit the warehouses and audit the compression
strength of the boxes. If the boxes are found to be lacking, they start a new
testing cycle to determine adequate strength of the boxes.

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