Why you need a Floorplan to sell your home

Publish Date: 15-02-2018 13:31:21 | Contact name: Malcolm White | Location: UK |

Floorplans are a critical element of your property marketing and promotion. Floorplans are a great way for a buyer to visualize how they would use the space in your home. They can imagine where their furniture would be positioned. It makes them look at the house in closer detail. If you can get your buyer to imagine living in your home you are half way on the way to selling it.

Research conducted by Rightmove reports that properties with a floorplan receive up to 30% more interest than those without. Yet, only two thirds of the listings on the portal feature a floorplan. It’s hard to believe that we still see properties being advertised without a floorplan. With an array of properties available for a buyer to view, a floorplan can be the make or break factor when deciding whether to view a property or not.They are inexpensive for an estate agent to produce so to include one should be a given. When choosing an estate agent ensure that they include a floorplan.

There are four essential elements to a floorplan that are needed to make the most of the floorplan and maximiseits impact.

1. Measurements: sounds obvious but often I see property advertisements where the measurements are listed in the property description section and not on the actual floor plan. The buyer needs to understand the size of the rooms. They must have measurements that are clearly listed on the floorplan, room by room.

2. The floorplan should show a compass. This will tellthe buyer what the orientation of the house is and where the light will fall during different times of the day. Buyers especially like to know what position that the garden faces.

3. The third element that should always be on a floorplan is the overall square footage. This allows the buyer to quickly compare the size of one house to another. From this they can easily compare the cost of the house versus the size of the house and if they are getting a lot of house for their money. They can instantly decideif the property is good value for money.

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