Four Types of VoIP Softswitch Services Providers

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The VoIP Soft witch is a software switch which is the central part of
the internet, telecommunication, telephone calls and mobile network

  • Business VoIP Softswitch:
  • The Business VoIP Softswitch is a commercial version of VoIP technology. The VoIP soft switch providers
    are creating this version different from the residential soft switch of
    VoIP. The residential VoIP has a flat and low rate of charges which
    allow only one transaction but in case of business Softswitch of VoIP
    technology is available in high cost and can support for multiple calls.

    2. Mobile VoIP services:

    the mobile sets (Smart Phones) are integrated with the VoIP system to
    get data from any type of network like WI-Fi, internet network, hot
    spot, and cellular network. The mobile VoIP soft switch providers
    make the mobile enable to connect with the network used in the
    Smartphone. In some cases there is an Apps need to download to access
    the VoIP facilities.

    3. Enterprises VoIP services.

    VoIP services for the enterprises are completely different from the
    residential VoIP as well as Business VoIP. The enterprises VoIP Softswitch providers design
    the enterprises VoIP services for a large organization with up-to-date
    features and advanced technology with better functionalities. These VoIP
    are very effective for video conferencing and other callings.

    The VoIP service providers are provides the both hardware and the software services as well.

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