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Publish Date: 12-09-2018 03:15:25 | Contact name: woodpanel | Location: AUSTRALIA | Place: Campbellfield |

Woodpanels International provides film faced plywood that is ideal for the panelling, cabinetry, furniture and some kitchen applications. Our film faced plywood will surely improve the look and feel of your infrastructure.

Our Birch Multiply Coloured film face plywood falls into two types:

-Film Face Plywood with Phenolic Films; and
-Film Face Plywood with Melamine Films.

They are both made from high quality European Multiply Birch Plywood, and therefore offer the same qualities and characteristics as natural Birch.

We stock the standard film 120gm/m2 but can supply films of higher weights such as 150gm/m2, 167gm/m2 and 220gm/m2 on request.

Our standard 120gm/m2 film has an abrasion rating of 320. We can supply films with higher abrasion ratings such as 480, 600 and up to 4000 on request.

To know more about the qualities and characteristics of the material, you can simply visit our website.

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