Publish Date: 09-01-2017 10:23:09 | Contact name: richard mohler | Location: USA | Place: New York |

Booty Pop - CALL

I got free trail, didn't see *** about the 64.99 until it
was charged to my account.So I indicated them then found the number and called.

First time I called she requested that she couldn't discount
me a choice that is other than she was helping me Out by giving me an
affirmation day markdown and refund me half which I know was a glaring tricky.
I looked like sponsorship regardless paying little identity to all that I not
satisfied so I look upward more information and found this then returned to an
other number that said it was in a substitute state yet they were both def
abroad. So I play the affectability card saying i require my money to pay
bills. Without a clearing measure of any outcome, she kept saying my record was
"close" after the key event when I called.

so I straight up demonstrated her in the wake concerning
thankfulness a locale of the studies on here that I KNEW she could give me
eagerly and my record was not close. Taking after a few minutes of turning and
forward, she finally put me on hold to visit with her "energy". By
then she said she could give with or without my money by the day's end from $15
to supplant the holder I starting now received.I mean, it was all my money back
yet its better than anything it taking $60+.So we tey let you know no, INSIST.

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