Let’s get acquainted with Jason Schwartz

Publish Date: 10-09-2018 18:40:13 | Contact name: Jason Schwartz | Location: Washington DC |

Let’s get acquainted with Jason
Schwartz, the Digital Marketing director and general assistant at Nick
TheBeat Music

Jason is a Brooklyn, New York born
fashion stylist, with a rich history in Parapara dancing; In 2002, Jason
discovered Eurobeat and Parapara through various music/rhythm games making
their way through Japanese Pop Culture fandom at the time. Knowing much more
existed than was present via the internet, Jason sought out connections with
Japan’s top choreographers and event coordinators. Soon he befriended Nick
Festari, at the time part of his favorite Eurobeat label Hi-NRG Attack.

Upon planning his first trip to Tokyo at
age 18, Jason was invited along with members of his the famed Parapara circle
Disco★NRG, to
perform at Starfire, one of the biggest monthly Parapara events. Since then,
Jason’s relationship with Starfire has grown to allow him to dance in Starfire
Vol. 31, as well as the upcoming Starfire Vol. 32 in which he danced She’ll Be

Jason has been choreographing Parapara for
over 10 years now, originally through Disco★NRG, and most recently for his New
York-based monthly Tokyo Discotheque event, Higher Illusion. The crew at Higher
Illusion promoted and choreographed Festari productions such as The Spirit of
the Night/Deemo, Give a Stop to Mind Burnouts/Pimky and My Body is
Burning/Chris Mcrea.

Although he became familiar with the
genre in the early 2000’s, Jason still considers 90’s Eurobeat and Parapara to
be his top inspiration. He aspires to bring the magic of Eurobeat Flash and
Japanese popculture to music and spread this love worldwide. Nick has given
Jason the opportunity to help promote his tracks through social media,
distributing songs to top Parapara events for choreography as well as penning
lyrics and creating album artwork.


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