VETEC Rotary Control Valves instrumentation products

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The Seeautomation products confirm to international standard that ensures reliability of VETEC rotary plug valve is an exceptional blend of a Dom valve, butterfly valve, and the exemplary control valve and binds together every one of their favorable circumstances, for example, free entry, no dead space, high organ nut insularity, control over high weight contrast, minimal outline and great control properties.Rotary plug valves have an assortment of basic applications that must be secured by customary control valves with trouble.

See Automation highest quality products provide unique solution with significant saving in energy consumption and cost associated with downtime for schedule maintenance.

Features & Benefits:-
1.Combines Rotary Efficiency with Globe Control Excellent Performance.
2.Maximum flow capacity compared to globe and rotary plug with the straight through flow path.
3.High rangeability of up to 200:1.
4.Anti-blowout valve shaft design to increase reliability.
5.Free flow path when open with less turbulence, reduced noise and wear on the internal and guiding parts.
6.Double whimsical attachment configuration wipes out erosion when valve is opening/shutting diminishes wear in inside parts and required breakaway torques.
7.Double capricious fitting plan takes into consideration the more exact control versus other rotary valve sorts.
8.Just the most noteworthy review materials are utilized for every inner segment to guarantee the longest conceivable administration life.

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