Benefits of using Pneucon Automation Globe 3 Way Valve

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The Instronline launch new 3 way Glove control valves are used to combine two flows or to divert one flow into two outlets. They are designed to replace and perform the functions of two single ported control valves acting in opposite directions, in converging or diverging liquid flow service.They can be used to control the flow of water, oil, sea water or other liquid in heating or cooling applications involving heat exchanger bypass control.They can also be used in blending systems and on-off selector systems.

Benefit Of Pneucon Automation Globe 3 Way Valve:-
1.Heavy-duty design withstands impurities and thermal cycles and ensures extensive life time.
2.Unique balanced plug design reduces dynamic torque and allows accurate, stable control for the full 90 degrees rotation.
3.Effective, rotating Q-trim attenuator for cavitations and noise abatement is a self flushing design and capable to handle dirty fluids also.
4.Live loaded rotary packing ensures excellent control for fugitive emissions with long endurance.
5.Fire safe, fugitive emission and SIL certification together with anti-blowout shaft design meet the maximum stringent HSE requirements for manage valves control values.
6.Excellent reliability with low maintenance cost.
7.Versatile mounting orientations.

Pneucon Automation Globe 3 Way Valve is available worldwide. Instronline are the largest and biggest suppliers,traders, exporters, distributors of GLOBE 3 WAY VALVE Our Many More Product.We cater globally including Delhi NCR.

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