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The Need For Power Loss Protection?

Need to secure your data against unexpected power shutdowns? Your wait is over - Flexxon’s SSD Power Loss protection offers the best-in-class data security with DRAM-less design, reliable supercapacitors, and standalone tantalum capacitor array that lasts for decades.

High-performance data storage devices are available at affordable prices in the market, but with a major drawback. The problem is that they are unable to protect data during power failure. That’s where Flexxon SSDs come to the rescue.
During SSD operation, data is temporarily stored in DRAM for improved performance. But DRAM needs an external power supply to function. So, in case of sudden power failure, power to DRAM is cut abruptly and critical data is lost.
Capacitor provide power to the DRAM during sudden power failure, making it possible to flush data from DRAM to NAND memory.

How Does PLP protect my data?

The data is temporarily stored in DRAM for better performance. But DRAM functions on external power, so data can be lost during sudden power failure. Flexxon Power Loss Protection provides a time window to quickly secure data by flushing it from DRAM to NAND memory.
This is achieved because of power loss solutions added that power up the DRAM so that data flushing to NAND is complete. As a result, you no longer have to worry about power losses

The Need For Power Loss Protection

During normal shutdown, host systems initiate a ‘STANDBY IMMEDIATE’ command so that SSD gets enough time to shut down. But during abrupt power failures, SSD loses power without having enough time to shut down. Power losses can be short or long, both put your data at risk. While it’s impossible to predict sudden power failures, it’s possible to take protective measures beforehand.
Whether you operate in the Industrial, Medical, or Automotive space, securing your data is important to keep applications running. Data loss can lead to significant losses in time and revenue. Hence, it’s important to safeguard your data against power failures.

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