Powertrain component of the motor vehicles

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Every motor vehicle has a powertrain also known as the power plant. It generates the power for the vehicle and delivers it on the road or any surface where the vehicle moves. It includes the powertrain components like engine, transmitter, drive wheel, etc. The power train concept refers to the engine and the transmission.

In the broader sense, it consists of all those components which are required to transform stored energy like chemical, solar or nuclear into the kinetic energy for the propulsion. The most recent developments in the field of the powertrain are that it is driven by the electrification of its various components. Electric energy is one of the primary sources of energy for it. In India Avtec, i.e., http://www.avtec.in/ is the largest provider of the powertrain components. Also, they are known for their world class quality of the products they sell.


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